January 1st, 2011, 12:47 pm

Krazeh's interview

What was the best part of being involved in the management of Secret Santa 2010?

The first is seeing how many users were interested! We had so many, it made me cry tears of pain and joy at the same time hahah!

Working together with Aids and Avian was a ton of fun too, and watching the posts go up. I love the reactions and the positive feeling everyone spreads for this event. I was especially touched by the gusto and enthusiasm from many of the gift elves to help their fellow users! You guys are wonderful! Much love to you guys!
Some notable gift elves that made me d'aww:

thanks for all of your help <3

What was the worst part of being involved in the management of Secret Santa 2010?

Pressure. But I think I got over that thanks to the other head elves as i slowly got use to managing my duties. There was also some users that caused a bit of trouble this year, but we got through it pretty fine. Oh my wrist is kind of stiff too, but that's nothing new.

What role did you play in the management of Secret Santa 2010?

I was assigned to send out PM's, do some illustration work for Aids' template and was in charge of the gift elf management and (now) release. There was also some question answering from strays. I was also a gift elf too (for 3 people =D)!

What was it like working with the other Head Elves?

Great. We got along quite well and I really respect Avian and Aids' hardwork. I think all 4 of us learned alot and had alot of fun, because I know i did.

What was the hardest job, and what was the most tedious task?

Hmm... Mass PM's. and Uploading. I'm not use to the uploading and the codes but it was a learning experience. Also realizing that after Christmas was over D8 i'm still working on it! I'm sorry in advance for any mess ups!

Easiest job?

Actually drawing the Secret santa gifts. (haha... irony xD)

Were there any hurdles that you didn't forsee?

The realization that alot of rules weren't highlighted became a problem when we were sure we covered all the angles. Especially Where users send gifts, labeling, sizing and content!
Some other issues was The PC List. Art theft and a small fraction of immature users.

Would you do it all again next year? If so, is there anything you would do differently?

I would! I'm not sure how strict the tradition of "new users each time" but i'd deffinitely like to oversee it, and offer some tips and especially reinforce the rules. There would be alot of changes needed since our user rate is now very very high.

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